Mary Anderson Arts Center

mary anderson arts center

Celebrating the life of Mary

The Mary Anderson Arts Center functions as a working art studio for artists of all ages. The clay room features a kiln and potters wheels, while the other arts are taught and practiced in the adjacent room. Novice and veteran artists can use the center to host art-inspired camps, birthday parties, and more.

The Arts Center rooms can also be rented for non-arts purposes. View all of our rental facilities.

The Arts Center is also home to McPherson Arts Alliance. Throughout the year, MAA offers visual art classes for adults and children. It also organizes two Summer Art Camps for children.  For more information and a schedule of classes, contact us or find and follow MAA on Facebook, McPherson Arts Alliance (MAA).

To Honor Their Mother

To honor their mother Mary, now deceased, the children of Chet and Mary Anderson – Kirsten, Kathleen, Melinda, Chris and Eric – have chosen the Arts Center as a named gift.

Speaking on behalf of his siblings, Eric Anderson said, “When she was a girl, Mary Sundahl Anderson had some dreams of becoming a fashion designer, but her life took other directions. Although fine arts were not a major part of her life, she saw their unique value. She celebrated them in many ways. She believed in their importance as a way of enriching her life and the life of the community. She passed that belief on to her children and grandchildren.

Art is not only a product or activity but is also a way of conducting your life inventively and generously. As a wife and mother and friend to so many, Mary’s approach to life was fundamentally creative. So the Anderson family wishes to acknowledge, by making possible the arts center, not only their mother’s appreciation of the arts but also her special attitude toward living. We believe to have a place in McPherson whose sole purpose is to foster creativity would please our mother very much.”

The Ketcherside Family Foundation is also supportive of the arts and provided a generous grant to furnish the two Arts Center rooms.