Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters

Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters

May 21, 2022 5:30 pm
May 21, 2022 7:00 pm


The Boxmasters are an American rock ‘n’ roll band founded in Bellflower, California, in 2007 by Academy Award-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton and J.D. Andrew. The Boxmasters have recorded an impressive and diverse catalogue of music that touches on their love of a wide array of influences, but most importantly, the rock and roll of the 1960’s. Listening to The Boxmasters, one can hear obvious odes to the Beatles, Byrds and Beach Boys, but also important to The Boxmasters are The Mothers of Invention, Kris Kristofferson, John Prine and Big Star.

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Saturday, May 21st

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